Moving to a new place is no doubt a stressful process. There are so many factors to keep in mind, like hiring professional shifting companies or self-moving. Mostly many of them hire professionals as they make the process easy and help us to safely relocate to our destination. But there are many factors that also affect the cost and hiring of professional packers and movers. 

Here are some factors which affect the charges of packers and movers 

Volume Of Goods

Your quantity of goods plays an essential role in influencing other factors such as the size of the vehicle, number of laborers required, etc. For local and international shifting, the weight of the goods also matters. Declutter all your unwanted goods, and reduce the number of moving goods.

Packing Quality

The packaging cost varies as per the quality of the packing material you choose. If you choose Premium Packaging, multi-layer packing will be done using materials like fiberboard boxes, corrugated sheets, bubble wraps, etc., but the charges will be high compared to Economic Packing (standard quality packing will be done) Professional packers and movers in Navi Mumbai or anywhere in India use premium quality packing materials.

Physical Effort

The amount of physical work involved is an important cost-affecting factor; it depends on things like the residing floor, the distance between door-to-truck, lack of lift facility, etc., because the movers have to put in physical efforts like roping methods for moving large items, etc.

Demand For Location

Moving costs will increase/decrease as per the demand for the location you are moving to. I.e., shifting from one metropolitan city to another. For example, shifting from Bangalore to Noida may cost more than shifting within the state.  

Laborers Required

The number of movers you will require depends on the quantity and weight of goods. However, you will need at least 2-3 laborers for 1BHK, 3-4 laborers for 2BHK, and 5-6 laborers for 3BHK. You will be charged on the basis of the number of movers hired and the hours they work for.


To sum up, distance becomes one of the major factors affecting the cost that influences the packers and movers charges. Shifting within the state won't affect so much, but international relocation or even shifting from one side of the country to another also increases the cost.

Additional Services

For inter-city relocating services like unpacking, reassembly, etc., will be provided upon your request for an additional rate. You will be charged accordingly if you want warehouse facilities or insurance coverage

Type of Move

Whether you are shifting locally, inter-city or internationally, your move will determine the cost of the service because the method of transport will be different for every type of service and so will the tolls, insurance, fuel and other taxes you will have to pay

So these are a few factors that majorly influence the charges of packers and movers in India. To save yourself from the trouble of fraud and getting scammed, there are a lot of online reference portals like Assureshift, one of the best and trusted portals from where you can hire trusted and verified packers and movers for affordable and reliable house shifting. I hope this is helpful for you. Happy and safe Moving